How to claim social media handles

How to claim social media handles

Launching a website or starting a new brand. My rule of thumb is to lock up the same social media username or handle on all the social media networks so optimally you try to lock up the domain name as your handle or the very next best option is a keyword from your niche. So, as an example Nike I would love to lock up the handle Nike because I already have But the next best thing would be Nike athletic shoes Nike, shoes Nike apparel. So, use these Web sites to check availability.

There's or name

So, here's an example from So I first put the domain name from my client fitnessguru. So, as you can see the dot com has taken the Facebook has taken the Twitter has taken the Instagram is taken, Tumbler is available, YouTube page available Pinterest is not available

So, this is just a nice way to instantly check all the social media networks first before starting to sign up at each one individually.

So, when I scroll down, you'll see I'm still searching for the fitness guru. This one is actually available on fewer platforms. No Facebook no blogger no YouTube no Twitter no Pinterest. So again, keep checking usernames keep checking variations of those usernames with a keyword. All those different variations until you get one that is available on most of the social media networks. So, don't fret if your handle is already taken or locked up on these social media networks.

Just try some of these tips: -

Look at the first example: Social media Stuff obviously this username's pretty long and possibly it was taken or people misspell it so here create /smstuffs that available for the maximum social media platform.

Also, you can too use the term official in front of the short form or full form of your brand and also the in front of the short form or full form of brands. Make it specific to the region your brand targets especially like the US or India, if it's local maybe you can put the state name after it or your country as you'll see in the top left there Cyber Delhi NRC, UP, MP or any what place is best to belong to your business or brands.

If your business is mobile-based or application-based you can add the app in the last. That helps to understand your brands easily this is an application or mobile-first use product.

If you want to for personal use then use the suffix of your degree like Dr, Er or any other that belongs to you. 

And finally adding HQ at the end or so at the end Headquarters Company Incorporated LLC. An easy way to still lock up your brand name and just throw the actual company incorporations sign at.

So, some user name or handle requirements:

Length - Shorter is better.

Consistency - People will be able to search across different platforms for your brand and if it's the same handle or username at each social network it's going to be a lot easier to find your brand.

Readability - How easy is it to read and say your brand name aloud. it spells out your brand name in any cute unique way but SEO for readability for spell ability I don't like doing those unique little things

Use your business name - If your business is John's cupcakes don't use a username like sweet treats Try to lock up your business name first and like I said if John's cupcakes are taken Let's try cupcakes alone let's try your specialty cupcake brand. Let's add John's cupcakes one more keyword after that. John's cupcakes L.L.C., John's cupcakes HQ and so on. And finally, how easy is your handle to remember again.

Easy to Remember- Ovoid numbers in your handle as people will forget if it's numerical or text was it the number three or was it spelled out three.

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