How to secure your social media networking sites

How to secure your social media networking sites

How to secure your social media networking sites:
Using social media platforms is now in today's are very treading. Nearly every user of social media networking sites have many type accounts nowadays for personal, professional, and business. So the security of social media platforms is also the most important. So today I am going to discuss how to secure your social media network to hack your privacy, data, and confidential information of yours.

To secure you’re the most popular social media platforms account what are you using follow the below steps-

1. Protect Your Password: Your’s password doesn’t share other people and doesn’t log in anywhere in any system. Always use trusted people's networks and devices and systems.

2. Log out of social media account when you use a computer you share with other people: Like When you are using office system or cybercafé system you don’t forget to logout your’ s social media platform account.

3. Never click suspicious links, even if they appear to come from a friend or a company you know: Meaning of this do not open that links you like seem as suspicious links or URLs either you know the sender of message or post.

4. Don’t install malicious software: It will harm your system as well as your server and social media networks account also so do not install malicious software

5. Don’t save your username & password in other systems during login your social media network account: Attention when login your social media network account in the other systems for don’t save username and password save in your systems.

6. Password change in the regular interval: Your password must change after 6 months or 1-year intervals and make a strong password for your social media account.

7. Keep Updating The information of your social media account: Always update your email id and mobile number in your social media network account for reset or forget password options and also social media network send mail or message when logging in your social media account to any system in the given email id or mobile number.

Always try using social media platforms is only you in your personal systems or devices and also yourself. Don’t use the other person system or devices and don’t give the password to others and to secure your social media networks

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