What is pollution of the social media

What is pollution of the social media

Any Pollution is dangerous for society and every people either is air pollution or water pollution or other like pollution on social media platforms. Some pollution is effect on physical health but some pollution of social media on your mentally, and you're wealthy. We need to save yourself from these pollutions and also avoid spared to pollution on social media. Pollution of social media is also dangerous like air pollution and water pollution.

This Social media is a wide and wonderful place in which it is possible to undertake just about anything with anyone like start a business, start a relationship, play games, solve the problem, find lost friends, etc, the list is endless. As a concept and a tool, the social media platform is one of the single greatest things to happen to mankind since the invention of the wheel. So, when something or someone pollutes or seeks to pollute our beautiful river of endless information and opportunity, we must sit up and take notice.

Social media pollution like sharing malicious software, viruses, junk website links on the social media platform. And spread unverified news, false status, fake profiles, harmful speeches, and videos, etc the list is endless that harm to our society. Most often the reason for this pollution is the same root of all evil: money and harm to society. These types of posts are an unintelligent scatter gun approach to marketing that only seeks to promote through sheer persistence and the reflex clicking actions of thousands of honest social media platforms users.

So How to Avoid this Pollution?

This is a big challenge to save yourself for the pollution of the social media platform. The following tips help you batter to avoid their pollution

  • you can avoid creating any pollution yourself. Not only can you avoid any kind of spamming or underhanded marketing techniques, but you can also avoid creating content on the web which is of no use to anyone. For example, creating accounts and not using them or posting irrelevant content.
  • Stop sharing any kind of polluted post or despises post and unverified news without verified yourself and if any videos or audio then listen and watch completely. The resign is videos or audio title is different from the other
  • If you don’t know personally then cheek their profile incomplete or not and also checking their newsfeeds to analysis that what type of post is posted and shared in his/her social media wall/newsfeeds. After that, if you feel no harm to accept his/her friends request them to accept the friend request.
  • You can also report the post if you find any polluted or harmful posts, videos, speeches on social media as you like in which category belongs to the post.

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