Pros and Cons of the Facebook

Pros and Cons of the Facebook

Each platform has its own unique set of attributes, which can be good or bad depending on how you want to use the site and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Not every platform is right for everyone. So, this helps you get a good idea of which site to focus on growing. All right, let’s get to it  

Pros and cons of using Facebook for advertising business and marketing, on the student and personal use and advantage and disadvantage of facebook for common users 

Pros: - 

1. With over two billion followers Facebook is the world's most popular social media network platform. It has a large number of frequent users which makes it the most appealing network in terms of share reach.

2. Facebook is also where all friends and family hangout.

3. With Facebook, it’s easy to embed clickable links into your posts, which make it your super simple to direct your followers to an external site, blog, and shop.

4. Facebook also has a ton of plugins that you can use. So, all the items I Add to my online shop are automatically duplicated and transferred to my Facebook page.

5. Your Facebook page can become the all-in-one place for all of the info on your brand. You can list your contact info, website, services offered, respond to private message and earn customer reviews. You can even create a photo album that contains the product or services that you are offering.

Cons: -

1. The biggest con with Facebook is that their algorithm at a rapid pace and they fever paid content over organic content.

2. This means that if you don’t pay $5 to have a post sponsored, very few people that follow your page are actually going to see it. Because you are facing the potential of very low visibility, generating engagement can pretty tricky on Facebook. Like the rest of the social platforms,

3. Facebook isn’t great for B2B business.  So, if you’re not a consumer-facing brand, it’s going hard to gain the following. If that’s the case, it’s probably better to stick with LinkedIn.

4. On Facebook negative feedback can be very visible. If a customer makes a complaint about your page, it’s public and visible for everyone to see.