Pros and Cons of the Instagram

Pros and Cons of the Instagram

Each platform has its own unique set of attributes, which can be good or bad depending on how you want to use the site and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Not every platform is right for everyone. So, this helps you get a good idea of which site to focus on growing. All right, let’s get to it  

Pros and cons of using Instagram for advertising business and marketing, on the student and personal use and advantage and disadvantage of Instagram for common users 
1.  Instagram

Instagram is made for sharing photos and videos from your smartphone. Every user has a profile page that contains their own images, and newsfeed, where you can scroll through the images of the accounts you follow and explore a page where you can see more content that might appeal to you based on the stuff you like. That’s the essence of it.

Instagram is pretty straightforward and incredibly simple to use.

Pros: -

1. Instagram is apart from other social media platforms is its visual-centric approach. This is perfect for brands that are visually based and rely heavily on aesthetics.

2. Instagram offers built-in filters and editing tools, so you can snap a photo on your phone, edit it to perfection in-app, and upload it to share with your followers, all from the same platform.

3. This makes Instagram one of the fastest, easiest and most efficient photo sharing methods.

4. Instagram has the best engagement among all other social media networks. The way it’s set up encourages audience participation and users are more likely to interact more brand on Instagram than any other social media network.

Cons: -

1. If your brand isn’t visually heavy, you might struggle on Instagram. Visuals are the most important factor on the platform and if that’s not your strong suit, you might be batter off with the more verbally based on options like Twitter.

2. As the right now, you can only upload content on Instagram with the smartphone. You can still view a user’s page on your computer’s web browser, but you can’t access most of the features from your computer, it’s all mobile-based.

3. On Instagram, it’s tricky to get a lot of clicks back to your website or a shop. As of right now, you cannot insert clickable links into your photo captions, which cannot make its embedded link of your product page or blog. It can be done manually go to mentions links of the caption. You can make only a link to the website link of the profile that is clickable.

4. Direct messages called DMs, aren’t quite up to speed with another platform like Facebook, so its easy to miss messages from the followers. I don’t get notifications when people that I don’t follow message me. So, it’s up to me remember to check that inbox every now and then.

5. Instagram is that bots are spammy and annoying and everywhere. Every one in while, Instagram will purge will their face users which is awesome, but you still have to deal with spammy comments every now and then.

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